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Out Sourcing

What is Outsourcing?
Offshore development  is  a  agreement  between  the overseas client and the local development company to perform an activity in which the overseas clients gets benefit of reduced cost, quality product and focus on business development.
India has been a leader  and a keyword known for offshore development services. Overseas  companies across world try to identify India as an option to their high cost manufacturing cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing to INDIA
  • Large pool of Computer literate and English speaking professionals.
  • Government benefits for IT activities.
  • IT in INDIA is in governments top 5 Priorities.
  • Well known information technology skills.
  • Benefit of Indian man-month costs in comparison with developed countries.
  • Excellent training infrastructure.
  • Excellent training / Internet infrastructure in major cities.
  • Domain specific skill sets available. (for example. Legal, Data entry , Commercial skills etc.)