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Huge Gains in Internet Connectivity in the UAE

On the occasion of theWorld Conference on International Telecommunications which is meeting this week and next to revise the International Telecommunication Regulations, it is interesting to note the huge gains that the host nation has made in relation to the quality of Internet connectivity in the United Arab Emirates.

A report from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in 2009 found that the UAE ranked in the bottom quarter of 42 nations covered in a study of the quality of high-speed Internet services, below neighbours Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as developing countries including Egypt and Tunisia. While the UAE had the highest broadband penetration rate in the region, the quality of the service - defined by the report as the speed and responsiveness of connections and whether lines are over-crowded or unreliable - was poor.

Last Updated December 13 2012
Posted on December 13 2012